Thursday, September 24, 2020

Recount businesses enterprise

 Yesterday it was businesses enterprise here is my recount what we did yesterday. Morning our group stared to get our supplies to set up our businesses.We felt really good cause this is gonna be fun day we started to out our poster on the wall we put the lollies bag on the table getting ready for market day.And our spin of the wheel I couldént wait to see someone win the jackpot our jackpot was whole block chocolate few hours in the weather was stared to get nice and warm we would know it was gonna be great warm day. Next time we would make sure that two always on the bay. Cause sometimes there would only be one person on the bay and they would go somewhere. The last hour we returned our money to the bank to see our much we made in total we made $60.50 but we purchase $16.90 of lollies. We made $43.40. Our Jackpot winner was Mikyala she span the wheel and won our Jackpot whole kitkat chocolate block.

Friday, September 18, 2020


This week in political's we had to make our own party so our group decide our name will be Mint because Mint means refreshment and about environment.We made the logo and our slogan is LETS GET MINT our next steps will be making the policy's.We have made some policy for our party some of our policy are less plastic at the cafe plant more tree  

Thursday, September 17, 2020

Black Death symptoms

 The black death was horrifying plague event.The hit 347-1350-The plague hit Asian,Europe,Middle east,North Africa everyone was affected by the black death i didn't matter if you wealthy or poor it won't matter.The dead were put in mass grave where the would put the layers and layers of bodies.They were also being put in the river.The symptoms were massive big black bolls,higher temperature,aching limbs,fatigue and fever.,spazams.There was three plagues the Buboinc,Septicemic plague all of which were deadly.Some of the ways there tried to care seem self they were rubbing onions on them herbs chopped up snake on the boils,rubbing cut pigeon all over there body,drinking vinegar,or eating crushed up minerals,mercury, or ten year old treacle.

Business enterprise

Today we had to blog about business enterprise. What is Business enterprise? Its when we have to make Business games,food,making stuff like rings or etc.

For business enterprise we had to come with name our name was going to be Lucky Spin, we got this name because we were doing lucky spin and that's how we got the name. We also thought we will make some lollies bag. The people that were involved was Shanaya Dakin,Alexia Hia,Jousha Medenilla we are next to paint our poster. Our next steps will have to be making prototype for the lollies bags I am most exited for market day when people spin the wheel and see what they get.

Market day will be Wednesday 23 September  

Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Friday, September 4, 2020

Art reflection

 Over the past weeks we have being doing some art like Hannah Hoch is Germany artist that does like Wiemar period means like when you get some random images and make them wired example lets say I have human then I get some animals eyes for the human or the leg I put spoons on it.That what she was most popular then here wired,crazy art, art we had to make three photographs using Hannah Hoch techniques. For my first one as you can see I have plane but I removed the back wing to a shark tail then in the middle you can see shark fin after that thought for the front of the plane. I will remove and and put animal so I thought I will get shark face.Then I put a ocean for the background because it is plane and flying over the Atlantic ocean to there destination this what Hannah Hock would do make weird,funky,and not normal.My other I made about android play games on my phone so I thought that will get and remove stuff and change how Hannah Hock would do.I cut out the legs for the android legs and make them wired so I would search up some forks making weird then I took the head off and search up dog head to make look wired and some think normal you wouldn't see in real life I think the idea was pretty cool having half robot,forks,dog head or face.The last one design for my photograph was human but I took the eyes off and got earth so I replace her eyes with earth and then the other eyes I thought I change and not make it the same so I got mars and put it down those were all design.The images had to be copy right all these images are copy right we had to use site called remove bg it's when you insert images and it will take the back ground out for you this site was useful because some of the images I did'ent want the images. The other source that I used was Pixel bay is source where you can find images that copy right and have some beautiful images.

Monday, August 17, 2020

Expansion and Contraction

Today we have being working on contraction and expansion 

Contraction is where the thing gets cold and the particles get more dense.

Expansion is where the particles get heated and they expand

Hypothesis-I think that then cans are going to contract

Results When you put it in the water the can stared to crunch.